Bond Readiness Programs


About MBDI

Key Program Differentiators


  • Unique Value Proposition - MBDI is a 501 (c) (3) corporation founded specifically to provide critically needed bonding education services to the minority contractor community. Running successful Bonding Readiness Programs is what we do.
  • Prescriptive Action Plans - Our individualized action plans provide contractors individualized clearly defined road maps to success.
  • Paradigm Shift - Our services successfully address the historical reasons that contractors fail to achieve bonding. We work with the sureties, rather than trying to sell to the sureties.
  • Sustainable Systemic Change - Our systemic approach to problem solving versus a short-term
    "band-aid" approach has consistently proven successful.
  • Powerful Return on Investment (ROI) - MBDI helps build self-sufficient businesses able to successfully compete in the government arena. As these firms make systemic changes, they manage their businesses with the knowledge, experience and depth necessary to succeed, get bonded and grow sustainably.
  • Comprehensive Educational Curriculum