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About MBDI

Leadership Team


The members of the Board of Directors and Staff of the Minority Business Development Institute share an energy and passion for the goals of the organization. Each has experienced or witnessed the struggles of minority socio-economic inequality, whether on the shores of Haiti or as first or second generation family members of European immigrants.

Many credit the perseverance, vision and fortitude of their parents and grandparents with providing them with a road to a better life, with wealth generation and the opportunity for growth. The deeply-rooted importance and value of education and training in providing positive change has woven a commitment to serve others into the mission of the Minority Business Development Institute.

MBDI's leadership team is comprised of individuals who are experts in their respective fields, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to the organization. These individuals have been carefully chosen to provide value and perspective in the following areas:

  • Insurance
  • Surety Bonding
  • Law
  • Banking
  • Community Development

Board of Directors

Andre O'Reggio, President
Jeffrey Lattmann, Vice President
Jack A. Callahan, Treasurer
Kenneth R. Theobalds, Board Member at Large
Christopher Black, Board Member at Large
Joseph Jingoli, Board Member at Large
Ralph V. Pulver, Board Member at Large
Lisa Tepper, Board Member at Large
Rohan Defreitas, Board Member at Large
Kathleen Lynch Bolduc, Board Member at Large


David R. Cayemitte, Chief Executive Officer
Liz Duncan-Gilmour, Esq., Executive Director