Bond Readiness Programs


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The Application


Company Information:


1. What is your company's trade?
General Contractor   Plumbing, Heating, HVAC   Electrical   Painting, flooring, drywall
Interior carpentry   Other trade

2. Does the company prepare financial statements (balance sheet and income statement)?
Yes   No  

If yes:   Year-end only   Twice each year   More often

3. Who prepares the company's financial statements?
CPA   Tax accountant   Other

4. What were your firm's gross revenues (before expenses) for:
2011   2010   2009  

5. How long has the company been in business? (years)

6. Name, address and contact information of your CPA or Accounting firm.

7. Credit score - Please supply a copy of the owner's and the spouse's credit scores. A free copy of a credit report may be obtained at

Company owner:   Spouse of owner:

If more than one owner, please provide the additional credit scores for all owners and spouses.

8. Does the company currently have a bond line?   Yes   No

9. If the answer to Question 8 is "Yes", please list the bond line for both single and aggregate. Single is the largest amount qualified for one project, aggregate is the total number of bonds (in dollars) that the underwriter will approve at one time.

Single:   Aggregate:

10. In the past, have you applied for a bond?   Yes   No

11. In the past, did your company complete a contract that required a bond?   Yes   No

12. Does the company currently have a bank line of credit?   Yes   No

13. What type of accounting software does the company use?

14. What is the company's average size contract?
Less than $100,000   More than $100,000 and less than $300,000  
Between $300,000 and $500,000   More than $500,000

15. What are the 3 largest completed contracts by your company:

Name of Project Owner
(who you worked for)
Contract Amount ($) Completion Date

Please tell us in your own words why you believe your company is qualified for a Bonding Education Program and what you hope to achieve. It would be helpful to understand the particular challenges you have faced in becoming bonded or simply that you would like to have your company bonded but are unsure of the process. Please use additional sheets if necessary.

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