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Perhaps the need for program replication and expansion is best reflected in the words of past MBDI Program participants:

"The whole idea of getting bonded was intimidating but I knew I needed a bond if I wanted to bid for the more profitable public jobs. The consultants at MBDI broke down into manageable steps what I needed to do to get bonded. Now I am bidding as a prime on public jobs where I can make more money."

Gloria James, Owner, C. James Plumbing

"I didn't know what I didn't know. I thought my company was running great, until we hit a speed bump and I realized I needed help. MBDI helped me back up, retool, and prepare to grow stronger. Now I run my construction business as a CEO, and the sky is the limit."

Cadil Rodriguez, CEO and Owner, CIP Construction Group

"MBDI's bonding readiness training was time well spent. Over the course of training, I followed a clear road map to strengthen my company. We now have a bond program with the number one Surety Company in the world, and are well positioned to make more money, and grow sustainably."

D. Savi Prashad, Owner and Chief Executive Officer,
Risa Management Corporation

"Since starting the program…we have been provided a great deal of information and training, particularly in accounting. We have learned how to monitor and track inventory, managing cash flow, and preparing W.I.P reports. In the last month I am pleased to announce that we have been awarded two small projects, and one large HVAC renovation project...We also have been awarded a maintenance contract…in part by just mentioning that we are in the mentor program."


"Throughout the various workshops and webinars offered by the (DASNY Bond) program, I've experienced a number of paradigm shifts about how I manage my business. We've gained useful knowledge that has helped us to reconstruct and revitalize some of our infrastructures. We've taken the advice from experts that were brought in to make presentations, and have streamlined our processes. We are a stronger and more marketable company than we were a year ago. Thank you for the investment of your time and resources."


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Joseph Herbert, President, A-M Electric, Inc.