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Bonding Advisory Services


The Minority Business Development Institute offers a full complement of bonding education programs and workshops to fit the needs of individual contractors, public institutions, government agencies and collaborating partners of every size and profile. The programs and workshops outlined below can be custom-tailored to satisfy specific needs and budgetary considerations.

In addition, MBDI offers bonding assessment and bonding readiness services on a consultative basis. Let us help you assess your current status and help prepare you for bonding success.

Contact MBDI for more detailed information regarding bonding assessment services, curriculum offerings and fee structure.

Program Options at a Glance 

I. Bonding University Program Series

The Bonding University Program Series offers two  levels of intensive bonding education programs that grow MWBE prime contractors, build their business infrastructure and prepare them to become surety credit-worthy.  A more detailed and extensive curriculum, which is customized based on the depth and breadth of subject matter into a  6-month or 9-month program, focuses on the participant firm’s sustainable, long-term growth. The selection process for these programs is rigorous and seeks to identify firms that can eventually meet the surety underwriting requirements.

    II. Workshop Series

The Workshop Series is a shorter and less comprehensive program, with sessions available in duration from 3 hours to 8 weeks.  This series is designed to give firms an understanding of how to qualify for surety credit and bonding.  During these classes, the participating firms will gain an understanding of the underwriting process, the documents required for a bond submission and the complete bidding/bid bond process.  There is no selection process for these classes. The 8-week series is based upon the Model Contractor Development Program (MCDP) developed by the Surety & Fidelity Association of America (SFAA). 

Bonding University Program Series – A Closer Look
MBDI’s Bonding University Program Series creates bondable contractors through a customized curriculum based on the client’s focus and budget. This series includes a rigorous screening process, tailored curriculum, one-on-one consulting with MBDI analysts, testing and metrics.

  • The MBDI flagship 9-month program focuses on laying the groundwork for sustainable long-term growth.  It is designed to reach both contractors who would not be bonded without intensive services, and bonded contractors who need extra attention to continue to grow sustainably and optimize their bond programs. 
  • A 6-month program option focuses on beginning to address financial and organizational issues that prevent firms from optimizing bonding and operating efficiently and profitably.
  • Rigorous Selection Process seeks to identify CEOs who illustrate the ability and desire to prepare their firms to become “surety ready.”
  • Customized Curriculum based on desired metrics and participants’ needs
  • Staggered Classes – every other week – to allow each participant adequate time to implement classroom knowledge and obtain feedback
  • QuickBooks Training – customized to learning level of participants – can  be provided one-on-one, as a webinar series, or both
  • Classroom Instruction taught by Subject Matter Experts
  • Recorded Sessions allow Review and Mastery of material presented in class
  • Participant Testing and Interactive Learning promote Subject Mastery
  • Program contemplates Outlined Metrics and Evaluation Process
  • Strategic One-on-one Consulting Services provided by MBDI Analysts

Workshop Series – A Closer Look
The Workshop Series provides a high-level view of many facets of bonding readiness and is designed to provide information to the contractors related to improving their company’s operations and thereby making it easier to be bonded or to increase their bond line. 

  • The options in the workshop series are designed to give firms an understanding of how to qualify for surety credit and bonding.
  • Firms will gain an understanding of the underwriting process, the documents required for a bond submission and the complete bidding/bid bond process.
  • There is no formal selection process for these classes; the client guides who will participate.