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Bond Readiness Programs

MBDI is currently running the following dynamic Bond Readiness programs, offering an outlined road map to bonding success and lucrative work opportunities. If one of these programs is conveniently located to your area, please use the dedicated links below for more information.

New York City
Small Business Services (NYC-SBS)
Compete to Win Program

Are you a construction firm looking to get new or increased bonding to work on New York City construction projects? The NYC-SBS Bond Readiness Program is now available to help more M/WBE-certified construction firms attain surety bonds and bond on City construction projects. Learn more at:


New York
Surety Bond Education Program
DASNY – Dormitory Authority – State of New York

Propelled by three highly successful bonding education programs, The Dormitory Authority – State of New York has renewed its contract with The Cayemitte Group for a fourth Surety Bond Education Program to benefit emerging contractors throughout the state of New York. The MBDI team will partner to provide educational components and one-on-one advisory services. The New York State Governor’s office has endorsed these initiatives as important ones, and we welcome you to learn more about how you can join this next class for growth and opportunity. Contact MBDI

County of Peoria (Illinois)
Contractor Development Initiative (CDI)

Build Capacity, Get Bonded!

Peoria County of Illinois has contracted with The Cayemitte Group as the prime contractor to pool resources and create a team of professionals who are committed to -- and experienced in -- advancing the development, growth and strengthening of profitable MWBE businesses that serve both the public and private sectors. The MBDI team will provide educational components and one-on-one advisory services. Participating in the Contractor Development Initiative, you will receive guidance and numerous free services, backed by: Peoria County, The Cayemitte Group, Minority Business Development Institute, and the Illinois Black Chamber of Commerce.

For more information about participation in the exciting collaborative effort of the Contractor Development Initiative, visit: www.cdipeoria.com

To start the bonding pre-qualification process, click: https://peoria.bondingportal.com

For general information about Bond Readiness Services in your specific area and how to get started, please Contact MBDI or call 609-456-0818.